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A Young Leader from Andhra Pradesh G.V.Sri Raj made a press release saying ” Subramanian Swamy who is  Nominated, as a person of excellence in Economics &Academics should not have provoked Pakistan Army in the present situation. 

India is a place for peace and prosperity it is a place where gandhi ji is born. 

Being a senior diplomat his words are well considered by any nation. 

He also Said as both the countries are well equipped with nuclear power, it not the situation of war. The World Parliament should take a Active role to make peace between two nations.

Indian Army is facing a worst situation at LOC than American soldiers in Afghanistan. Making a War will extend the situation much longer and it is not the right word to use war and finish off at the present situation. 

There are Many life’s involved in War including Civilians & Children. BJP Leader Should have made a much peaceful statement and at the age of 77 he would have made consultations with army before making a statement and not fit to do so!! he ended.