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The value of assets of Nara Lokesh, Telugu Desam Party general secretary and son of Andhra Pradesh chief minister NChandrababu Naidu, has gone up by a mind-boggling 23 times in a span of five months.

GV Sri Raj who is London Return and Youngest MLA Contestant in 2014 general election educated from London School of Economics & Political Science has made comments comparing Nara Lokesh asserts with Casino. He said ” The World best gambeling player would not really make 330 crore even if he play for 365 Days. But I wonder how the total assert became 23 times in 5 Months, this is nothing but Influence peddling. ” 

As the Chief Minister son is in the top priority from the Young age political leaders in the state he should take the responsibility to explain his rapid growth & which will benefit MBA Students Accross the globe. Sri Raj Said in a press release.