The Young Leader from The City of Culture Rajahmundry Mr.Sandeep is Given The Best Award as The Best Business Marketing Manager in Sri Ram Chits & Life Insurance.

Mr.Sandeep who is a Active Representative of Politics in Rajahmundry Holded many positions as a student union leader and youth leader. After his mother’s I’ll health, Mr.Sandeep in the last year has take his mother business lead in the family into his hands and not less than a year he turned out to be the best than many others in the company.

Sandeep has taken many measures and targeted his goal of achievement from many corners. even when many ups and down in the beginning he did not fumble.

But, by the end he didn’t expect the award which he got it. that is quite a surprise achievement in this young man’s life.

Later after taken the award he celebrated the happiness with his family members and friends who all appreciated his hard work and dedication towards his mother’s health recovery and achievement in business

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