The unconstitutional situation happened in Rajahmundry City by the police department’s newly appointed constables. 

Varre is celebrating diwali with his family members in Danavaipeta where his house is in 1st floor and a shop is located in the ground floor. the lights are on and shutter is opened at 10: 30 PM where many liquor shops are also open at the same time. The two men argument went wrong with Varre family and Immideately called for rapid action force which when for pushing each other and Lati charge. Varre is hurt by the police. 

As Varre Srinivas is a senior political leader and social activist he feel his stature is hurt. immideately many other leaders from various parties are involved and stood in support. 

Former MP Shri. G. V.  Harsha Kumar went to the incident place and stood for the dignity of Varre. 

All Party Leaders in Rajahmundry City Show caused wrong in police action in this incident.