BJP MP Subramanian Swamy not Fit to Provoke Pakistan Army for War – GV Sri Raj 


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A Young Leader from Andhra Pradesh G.V.Sri Raj made a press release saying ” Subramanian Swamy who is  Nominated, as a person of excellence in Economics &Academics should not have provoked Pakistan Army in the present situation. 

India is a place for peace and prosperity it is a place where gandhi ji is born. 

Being a senior diplomat his words are well considered by any nation. 

He also Said as both the countries are well equipped with nuclear power, it not the situation of war. The World Parliament should take a Active role to make peace between two nations.

Indian Army is facing a worst situation at LOC than American soldiers in Afghanistan. Making a War will extend the situation much longer and it is not the right word to use war and finish off at the present situation. 

There are Many life’s involved in War including Civilians & Children. BJP Leader Should have made a much peaceful statement and at the age of 77 he would have made consultations with army before making a statement and not fit to do so!! he ended.


Muppalla Subbarao Chair’s Rajahmundry Bar Association.


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Muppalla Subbarao Who is a senior Advocate in the city of Culture Rajahmundry won in the Recent Election of Rajahmundry Bar Association with A Majority of 333 Votes.

Muppalla who is also a member of Andhra Pradesh Bar Council made a historic with in the recent election. Appreciations from all around for Mr.Subharao from his colleagues and judges in the District of East Godavari.

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Rajahmundry Youngster Grab First iPhone Product Red in Town.


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The Reach of Latest Gadgets in the city of Culture is quite amazing since last five years. After the upgrade of Internet services in india youngsters have been browsing things to get one into their hands and want to be the talk of the town.

IPhone product red is the latest upgrade of apple since iPhone 7. This youngster Motha Nani who live in Rajahmundry City which dosent have apple store in town have already pocketed product red in his pocket. 

This is a example on how youth is busy in getting the Fancy one into their pockets. With many educational institutions in town rajahmundry is a much crowded city with students. Any business would be 100% success in this peaceful city.

Reporting iPhone 7 product red in Rajahmundry.

GV Sri Raj Compares Nara Lokesh 5 Months 23 Times Asserts Growth with Casino Gambling. 


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The value of assets of Nara Lokesh, Telugu Desam Party general secretary and son of Andhra Pradesh chief minister NChandrababu Naidu, has gone up by a mind-boggling 23 times in a span of five months.

GV Sri Raj who is London Return and Youngest MLA Contestant in 2014 general election educated from London School of Economics & Political Science has made comments comparing Nara Lokesh asserts with Casino. He said ” The World best gambeling player would not really make 330 crore even if he play for 365 Days. But I wonder how the total assert became 23 times in 5 Months, this is nothing but Influence peddling. ” 

As the Chief Minister son is in the top priority from the Young age political leaders in the state he should take the responsibility to explain his rapid growth & which will benefit MBA Students Accross the globe. Sri Raj Said in a press release. 

Harsha Kumar Requested Director General GSI to Occupy Space in Rajahmundry.


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Shri M.Raju Garu who is posted as a Director General Indian Mines Came and meet EX MP Harsha Kumar garu at his residency. As a citizen of Rajahmundry he shared his happiness for the posting with his old friend Harsha Kumar in Andhra University and Harsha Kumar honoured him with Rajahmundry Soviner.  This is the  highest position in the country  in Geological Survey of India. There is a discussion held between Director General Raju & Harsha kumar to bring down GSI to Rajahmundry with the intrest of Nativity 

G.v.Sri Raj Director Rajiv Gandhi College’s

G.v.Sunder. Director TCS ION 

Ramesh Babu DDG Andhra Pradesh 
Bhaskar Rao Supertident Geologist 
S.Ravi Director GSI  

Are also Present 

CII Summit Vishakapatnam a Fail – GV Sri Raj


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A Student Alumni from London School of Economics and Son of GV Harsha Kumar Former MP has point out negatives on CII Sunrise Partnership Summit held in January 2017 at Vishakapatnam. 

He Also Said  Industries Secretary Solomon Arokiaraj refused to sign memorandums of understanding (MoUs) at the second edition of the CII Partnership Summit at Visakhapatnam, leading to withering criticism about the hollowness of the programme. 

From the references from economic times and keen observation from opposition YSR and Congress Party’s. GV Sri Raj also joined those critics on AP government CII Summit. He also Said Industries Secretary and IAS himself saying no to 90 MOU’S will remain as a black mark on the event. But Karthikeya Mishra, IAS director of industries, to sign the documents after rejected by Solomon IAS is a insult to Administration Officers working in the state, Sri Raj Said Today on 12th February 2017 at Rajahmundry.

బొంత శ్రీహరిని ఇంటికివెళి సత్కరించిన హర్షకుమార్ తనయుడు శ్రీరాజ్.


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​గణతంత్ర దినోత్యవం సందర్బంగా బొంతశ్రీహరి అధర్వములో జరిగిన నాలుగువేల మీటర్లు జాతీయ జెండాను ఉమెన్స్ కాలేజీ నుండి పుష్కర్ ఘాట్ వరకు జాతీయ జెండాను రాజమహేంద్రవరం నగరవిధుల్లో ర్యాలీ నిర్వహించడం జరిగింది .మాజీ పార్లమెంట్ సభ్యలు జి .వి  హర్షకుమార్ గారు అధర్వములో  ప్రత్యేక హోదా కోసం విశాఖలో జరిగిన  నిరసన కార్యక్రమం కి వెళ్లడం వలన ,బొంత శ్రీహరి చేసిన ఒక్క మంచి కార్యక్రమంకి  శ్రీ జి వి శ్రీరాజ్  హాజరుకాకపోవడంతో  స్వయంగా బొంతశ్రీహరి నివాసనికి వెళ్లి ఆయనకు శాలువకప్పి అభినందనలు తెలిపారు .  జి వి శ్రీ రాజ్ వెంట ఒగిటికిరణ్ ,యర్రా రామకృష్ణ ,శీతల్ ,గౌతమ్ కూడా అభినందనలు తెలిపారు .

Modi Will Not be in Power for 10 Years on Demonetisation. India 1st place in Unhappy Countries Rank List – Sri Raj


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A Student from London School of Economics and Political Science. GV Sri Raj has Made Comments On The Modi Latest Speech. 

He Said, 

” People are Very Unhappy and Restless over Demonetisation Move. 

India is a country where most of the people are un educated & poor. 

When a country have a strong growing education system the Prime minister would have made consultations before the move and then would have implemented the currency exchange. Only God knows how many ATM’s are working in this country”.

He also Said” forget about gaining a rank in the world economy, but India has definitely gain ranks as most unhappy country for the Modi move on Indian Currency.

Student Sports Club Fight Begins Tomorrow!!

Rajiv Gandhi Educational Institutions most awaited sports meet is beginning tomorrow with a very tough competation.

All four clubs are ready with full Josh. Venkanna Babu, Raj Kumar, Shiva Kumar & Anvesh are ready with their full teams.

Ambassadors for the teams are also ready and they are in full motivation. Venkanna Babu is guarded by Kennedy, Raj Kumar with Kolli Ramesh, shiva kumar with purna chandra rao and anvesh with ramesh babu.

The 1000 students filled campus is ready to witness and watch who is going to be the winner.